Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eleven weeks post-amp. woot woot!

Well, it's been 11 weeks since Dixie's surgery, and she is totally rockin' the tripawd look.

Dixie's favorite spot to rest — Adam's sleeping pad chair.

We did a little camping this weekend in Southern AZ. Dixie loves camping and was a trooper. She only took one spill, and got a wee scratch under her nose. Adam, D and I squeezed into our tiny two person tent and snuggled up every night. Of course, Dixie took up most of the tent so I had some trouble stretching out, but we all stayed warm.

Campsite on the road to Harshaw, south of Patagonia.

I've been chatting on the Tripawds.com forums lately about phantom limb pains Dixie has been having lately. She jumps up, yelps and trots away. Then comes back and wants to be petted. It's very strange. She did not have a single episode while camping, but did have a big one when we got home. I wish I could figure out how to make the "pain" go away. There are a lot of suggestions on the Tripawds.com forums to treat these phenomenons. However, no one really knows if it's phantom pain our dogs are having, or if it is muscle spasms, static shock or who knows. If only the D could tell us in words.

Dixie's car spot.