Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tripawd Party in Mesa

We finally met some fellow tripawds this weekend! We met up with's Renee, Jim and Wyatt Ray (who were making their way through Arizona to Texas) and Eleanor, Tevis and Chuy from Mesa. Coloradans Ted and Mary happened to be in Tucson for work and drove up just to meet us. So nice! We all played at the Quail Run Dog Park, a large dog park with nice shade (bonus!) in Mesa.

Dixie did really well with the other dogs and bonded with Chuy right away. Chuy is missing the same leg as Dixie.

Wyatt is definitely a crazy Shepard puppy but he was very sweet and so handsome! Wyatt is missing one of his back legs.

We all shared our tripawds' stories: car accident, cancer, abuse. It was wonderful to talk to others who can relate to our experiences. Adam and I told Dixie's story on camera for Renee. Hope I wasn't too negative — "I thought Dixie was going to die!" — and gave some good advice — "Don't blame yourself and go to for support!"

Dixie and I ran into a tripawd in our neighborhood on Friday. I told him about and our meet up. His dog gets carsick so they couldn't make it out to the party in Mesa. I hope he joins the site because we'd love to have a North Phoenix tripawd party!


Spirit Jerry said...

Aww you guys it was SO great to meet you all too! Thank you so much for coming out. We really hope you'll continue the Tripawd pawties on your side of town so the newbies can go too (poor carsick pups!).

Yeay for Arizona Tripawds!!!!!

Thanks for being a part of this great bunch of folks and pups. Very special indeed.

EA said...

Thanks Jerry! We had a lot of fun. You got us excited for our roadtrip come June. Maybe we'll see you in CO! PS, I'm thinking of switching Dixie's blog to your site…!