Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Studio Dog

The first Monday Dixie was with us, she came to work with me at Hattway Creative, where I freelance as a graphic designer. She was pretty shy, but sweet, towards the Hattaways. There were beautiful cactus flowers blossoming in the backyard so I took a few pictures of Dixie next to them. Looking back, I can't believe how skinny she was! She only weighed 45lbs when I adopted her. Now she's a health 55 - 60lbs (depending on the season)!

Dixie in her "den" under my desk at Hattaway Creative.
Dixie has also blossomed into a wonderful studio dog. Hattaway #1 practices commands with her using Dixie's favorite Buddy Biscuits from Trader Joe's. Hattaway #2 loves how Dixie smacks her lips together when she's relaxed and happy. And Hattaway #3 - Jambi the cat - enjoys Dixie's company and likes to flirt with her.

Dixie in her "home den #2" in the closet at Two Birds Creative.
Dixie also is our resident studio dog at Two Birds Creative. After being laid off in January, Adam and I started up our own graphic design company. Dixie's snores and sleep barks keep us entertained in our little home office.

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