Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Preparation #2

So I'm a planner, an organizer if you will (although you wouldn't know it looking in our house!). When I get really excited or anxious about something, I start planning and shopping. I did all this research. I bought things (see Preparation). I worried about things. In hindsight, the research was helpful, but maybe I didn't need to buy so much.

For example, it's Dixie's first day home and all she really needs or wants is sleep. We have her old dog bed covered in an old blanket. Zero dollars. It's too hot in the house (A/C still out). She is just laying on the tile anyway. She got her bandage off so we put an old t-shirt on to catch any fluid. Zero dollars. I was going to buy or ikea-hack an elevated dog dish contraption. Turns out, a box I already had turned upside-down with it's lid upside-down on the top works just as well. Zero dollars.

I know we will get some use of her Ruff Wear harness after her pain is gone. But, I'm not sure about the Comfy Cone though. With her elbow, there were few ways to cover it up, so she was always getting at it, licking. Her chest on the other hand, we can easily cover up with a t-shirt. Also, we didn't need any anti-skid stuff on the floors either. So far she's sticking to walking on the tile and hasn't fallen too hard yet. Guess we don't need that $5 giant rug from the resale shop after-all. Goin' in the next garage sale.

If you know my mom, you know that it's in my nature to shop. It's just something we do, and I'm pretty good at it. I know how to find the deals and am proud of it. But instead of shopping, maybe I should have been meditating…

My advice: don't go overboard too early. Cross bridges as they come and you might save yourself a buck.

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Allie said...

hahaha..."if you know my Mom". We both got that amazing shopping gene from her!