Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Tails - February 2007

photo via Payson Humane Society

I found Dixie on about three months before I actually got up the courage to go meet her at the Payson Humane Society. When I first met Dixie, she was very reserved and quiet, which made me a little nervous. She didn't really seem interested me. I was about to leave without her when she looked up with these big sad eyes and it almost brought me to tears. Man did she know how to pull at your heart strings with those eyes. As soon as I said I would take her, it was as if she knew she was going home with me. She was so excited, jumping around and making her signature honking noise. Since then, Dixie has become my best friend and constant companion. She has blossomed into a wonderful dog - gentle and sweet - always giving kisses. I am often complimented by strangers on her obedient behavior and calm disposition. I feel so lucky that we found each other; that I get the honor to have her as my dog.

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