Tuesday, August 25, 2009


For the past week, Dixie, Adam and I have been preparing for the surgery.

Dixie had a chest xray and they didn't see any cancer. So we are pretty sure it hasn't spread.

I've been researching canine amputations. My favorite site is Tripawds.com. I'm also reading
Without Regret by Suan Neal.

We bought Dixie a Ruff Wear Palisades Pack with the Web Master harness and she doesn't mind wearing it at all. I'm looking forward to helping her get up and down stairs, in and out of the car with it. (A shout-out to Travel Hounds for the pack and the sample food and treats. You just acquired a new loyal customer!)

I also bought her a new Elizabethan collar. Dixie would always run into walls and furniture with her traditional plastic one. She'd also almost take your legs out with it when greeting you at the door! I think the Comfy Cone will be a better solution. I bought it at a cute little shop called Noble Beasts in Phoenix.

We have some towels in case Dixie drains again, like her elbow did. We also have some bath mats and non-skid things to put under towels so she doesn't slide around on the wood and tile.

We have some yummy treats to use as encouragement as needed.

Now we just have to find some vitamins and glucosamine, etc to start her on. This dog is going to get star treatment from now on!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are prepared. She does look pretty bad ass in that Ruff Wear Bullet Proof Vest, I must say. Also, you'll have to let us know how the new cone works. My thought is that Dixie might just rip right through it, but what do I know. Sammy wore the hard style cone for many years and grew quite adept at running around with it. Good luck with the pick up and the first couple of days!

EA said...

Dixie never figured out the hard cone. She'd try to walk through a doorway, knock into one side, then knock into the other side. The only thing she remarkably figured out was getting out through the doggie door.