Thursday, August 27, 2009

"When it rains, it pours." More like, when it's hot, it gets hotter.

Well, our air conditioner has officially crapped out. It needs a new compressor or to be sent to the dump and replaced with a new, more efficient unit. Dixie, our computers and I toughed it out until about 3pm when it got up to 90 degrees in the house. It was just too hot for a post-amp patient (I'm learning the lingo!) and our computers shouldn't be running in high temps. So we packed up the Beetle with Dixie and her stuff in the hatchback and the iMac buckled in the front seat. Oh boy, how nice cold A/C feels blowing on your face.

In the back seat earlier last week.

At my parents' house, Dixie met up with Roxy and Pixie. They could tell something was wrong with Dixie—there was definitely extra sniffing. They all settled down pretty quickly. Adam met up with us after meeting with the A/C sales guy. We laid on the couch cooling off.

We headed south in Scottsdale to the Hattaway's. Lucky for us, they are off having fun on vaca so there was an empty house for us to crash in. We could have stayed at my parents, but Dixie can't maneuver stairs yet. I didn't want to have to carry her up and down the stairs to the bedroom.
Dixie on drugs.

Dixie slept like a log, unlike me. I tossed and turned all night. I think today calls for a nap!

Good news — Dixie is only taking one kind of pain killer now, Tramadol. We'll see how she does!

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